nothing is going well for Marcelo Bielsa


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It wasn’t just the Champions League last night. At Anfield, Liverpool played their late Premier League Matchday 19 game against Leeds. And this morning, England is rubbing its hands. Jürgen Klopp’s men exploded those of Marcelo Bielsa (6-0). Result: the Reds are only three points behind Manchester City in the standings.

But if the perfidious Albion is delighted to see its championship being revived, the Peacocks do not really share this enthusiasm. Fifteenth in the standings, Leeds have just chained a third defeat in a row in the league and remain on five games without a win since the success against West Ham on January 16). Bad news for Eric Cantona’s former club.

The Bielsa hype has totally disappeared

Now, Leeds are only three lengths from the first relegation zone (Burnley) and three of their pursuers (Everton, Newcastle, Burnley) have one or two games less. What make Bielsa worried. “A result like today (yesterday) cannot be explained by absences. We are fighting against relegation. Of course, that worries me, how else is it possible? We were never able to reduce the distances between the two teams. In the second half, we thought it would be difficult to level the playing field, but we wanted to prevent or avoid what ended up happening. »

Head down, is Bielsa coming to the end of his cycle in Leeds? Coach of the Peacocks since 2018, El Loco had extended his contract until next June. At present, there is not really any question of re-stacking. And for the English press, this rout at Anfield could mark a turning point in the season for Leeds and Bielsa. ‘Bielsa’s stubbornness and naivety could cost Leeds their place in the Premier League’Write the DailyMail. It doesn’t smell very good for Bielsa…

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