Novélia joins forces with Luko to expand its range

How to reach the targets attracted by neo-insurers? The wholesale broker Novélia, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, has just concluded an innovative partnership with Luko, which until now operated only in BtoC, the opportunity for Novélia’s partner brokers to distribute the MRH contract for insurtech and address a more digital target. Explanations with Hervé Coignard, Commercial Director of Novélia

You have chosen to expand your range with a second multi-risk home offer (MRH), for what reasons?

We wanted to offer more solutions to our network, by offering them an alternative to our classic home contract carried by Suravenir Assurances. The goal? Enable our 5,000 brokers and agents to reach a more digital and more urban target. Getting closer to the start-ups of insurtech seemed obvious, in order to stay in step with changing needs. Studying the market, imagining suitable solutions and launching new partnerships is part of Novélia’s DNA.

What convinced you about Luko’s offer?

Luko defines itself as a neo-insurer, breaking with the traditional codes of the sector. Its contract is in fact particularly innovative – in a mature HRM market – because the guarantees are simple, comprehensive and customizable. They are presented in the form of a basic package, accompanied by guarantees in line with new lifestyles, such as housing coverage in the event of rental on Airbnb. But this offer stands out above all for its digital dimension, with a very intuitive application for declaring a claim 24/7 via your smartphone, its teleconsultation services allowing you to carry out a complete assessment of the household (insulation, energy consumption, security), or even a repair diagnosis for future work. This state of mind ” customer first » revolves around a broad vision of the home care : tutorials, network of craftsmen, assistance in finding accommodation… Finally, we were very sensitive to the solidarity and transparent aspect of this contract. Luko undertakes to return at the end of the year the surplus of contributions collected and not used for the payment of claims, to an association chosen by the insured. This initiative is perfectly aligned with our CSR commitments.

In this context, what added value will brokers bring to clients?

The very essence of their job is to provide an advisory role and business expertise, in order to support customers who are not necessarily ready to go 100% web, because they are not fixed on the choice the level of deductible or the amount of cover, for example. The broker then acts as a real physical relay for this innovative digital offer.

Which brokers can distribute this Luko contract?

No prerequisites are necessary, other than having a code with Novélia… which only takes a few days after providing your Orias certificate. Our commercial animation service will then take care of supporting them. All local brokers can therefore have access to this new contract, regardless of their size, location and type of clientele. However, they will have to be vigilant to clearly identify the target to be addressed and only offer this offer to customer profiles fond of digital technologies and relatively autonomous.

How does the broker interface look?

Access will be from the current Novélia extranet, which will include an icon to switch directly to the specific subscription interface that we have co-built with Luko. Brokers will thus be able to have quick access to customer files to add a document to the contract, in the event of an extension of the dwelling for example, modify the offer and register an amendment. On the other hand, claims will be managed directly by Luko via its application, even if the broker will remain in the trading loop.

When will this offer be available?

From March 2022. Novélia is proud to be the only wholesale broker to offer its network access to this home insurance by Luko, which is both innovative and differentiating!

For more information, visit the Novélia website.

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