NSIA Assurance has signed an agreement with the Anadolu clinic in Turkey to improve the new health policy in Côte d’Ivoire.

This new orientation policy aims to strengthen the governance of the sector and improve the supply and performance of the Ivorian health system, as well as the quality of services, after several months of fruitful collaboration.

This contribution essentially concerns the implementation of the health guarantee called “NSIA Tirkish care” which offers policyholders international medical care and more specifically in Turkey, noted its general manager Akoua Yvette, before the signing of this agreement, Tuesday March 15, 2022, at the Pullman hotel in Plateau.

“NSIA Assurances Côte d’Ivoire, in its quest for continuous improvement of its services, has therefore opted for this strategic choice which aims not only to expand its care network but also to outsource it by offering its policyholders possibilities of international care in order to contribute to their well-being,” said Ms. Akoua.

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The choice of the Anadolu clinic partner with one of the largest American hospitals, in this case the John Hopkins Hospital is based on the quality of its medical device and its technology equal to that of the United States. It has a high-performance technical platform, comprising high-level equipment. With, in addition, its cancer treatment methods rarely practiced in the world and its outpatient tumor surgeries, justified the general manager.

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Senior manager, Amel Goyildar welcomed the signing of this agreement. The clinic provides services in all branches including Oncology Sciences, Cardiovascular Health, Gynecology, Neurology Science, Surgical Sciences, Internal Medicine, Diagnostics and Imaging.