Oise: two four-day-old lambs stolen from the Perrine farm-refuge in Montépilloy

“The mother keeps calling them. She is totally confused. “Two lambs have disappeared from their enclosure at the Perrine farm-refuge located in the town of Montépilloy (Oise). The babies were born on Monday. The female was stolen overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, the male the following evening. Perrine André, who opened this shelter so that animals in pain or rescued from slaughterhouses can have a haven of peace, is disgusted.

VIDEO. She saves animals in her shelter that are mistreated or destined for the slaughterhouse

“We think they jumped over the fence, despite the barbed wire,” explains the owner. Angry, she wonders who could have stolen such young lambs. “If it’s to eat them, they’re far too small. It has no interest. If it’s because they’re cute and they want to raise them, they’re clearly putting them in danger. They need a bottle of a very specific milk, special for kids, at least five times a day. They are born under the mother and are wild. We left the sheep to take care of it alone, without disturbing them. They must be scared, if they are still alive. »

Montepilloy, Monday. The lambs are still very young and need their mother to survive or proper care. (DR)

When the first lamb disappeared, Perrine André worried, “but I thought the baby was hidden in a corner. The next day, when the second one left, my blood boiled! Afterwards, I don’t want to give the impression of complaining. I know breeders, people who do eco-grazing who experience this every year at the same time. Me, it’s a first. It is especially on the human level that it disgusts me. It is animal life that I mourn. »

The shelter opened a year ago and now has around fifty farm animals, excluding farmyards, due to a lack of money to be able to finance an aviary worthy of the name. This ewe whose lambs were stolen is 2 or 3 years old. “We picked it up in the Ermenonville forest. It is not uncommon for ill-intentioned professionals to abandon livestock in the forest. They arrive with the truck, lower the animals and leave. That’s how I got my rams, including the father of the lambs…” The benefactress did not file a complaint with the gendarmerie because the lambs were born on Monday, they were not yet identified and therefore not yet declared. .

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