Olivier Giroud wants to explain himself with Didier Deschamps

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It’s a comeback that few people saw coming. Olivier Giroud was recalled by Didier Deschamps last Saturday to replace a Karim Benzema package against Côte d’Ivoire (March 26) and South Africa (March 29) in a friendly. The 35-year-old striker had not been seen with the blue jersey since the elimination against Switzerland in the round of 16 of the Euro last summer. The story in the France team seemed to be coming to an end for the one who scored 46 goals in 110 selections, especially after statements here and there from the Milanese and the coach.

The latter had struggled to accept the comments made during the preparation for the Euro of Giroud, reproaching some, without naming them, that the balloons did not always arrive. Something had snapped. “The coach sent me a message for my birthday (September 30). I believe it was the day before his list for the Nations League Final 4. We remembered. Since then, there hadn’t been much. Until that last phone call last Saturday”recognizes Giroud in an interview granted to The Team this Tuesday.

Giroud wants to discuss with Deschamps

His return to form at AC Milan also has something to do with this new summons (11 goals and 4 assists in 29 games in all competitions) but everything is not yet settled according to the player. He wants to have a discussion with Didier Deschamps in order to start from scratch. It was to take place on Monday evening but Griezmann’s birthday party was longer planned, to the delight of the Blues, very happy to meet again. You will have to find another niche.

“We have never spoken to each other face to face since the Euro. Even if a lot of things have already been digested, there is this need to talk between responsible adults. I accepted certain things, I always went ahead. The coach knows my state of mind. He knows that I am fresh, available and always 200% with the France team. I always told myself that there would be better days through hard work, self-sacrifice and perseverance. I will be happy to have this discussion with the coach. I will listen to what he still has to say to me”assures the Milanese.

Fight against egos and statuses

Deschamps would always be wary of changing statutes. For him, a former holder will always find it difficult to accept a new role as a substitute. He prefers to cut the dead branches rather than let the apple rot among the others. And then there is the affective and the relationship between the players. The coach has always put this element at the center of his action, even if it means leaving talents on the sidelines to take on less strong players who will not make noise. We think here directly of Kylian Mbappé and especially Karim Benzema. Would Giroud have been recalled without the Madrid player’s defection?

“That’s why we have to talk to the coach. Everything is facilitated by communication. I need him to tell me what he expects of me”justifies Giroud, visibly ready to make many concessions to return and reinstall in the France group to Qatar. “I am ready to deal with everyone and in all systems. (…) The French team remains above all a collective force, with extraordinary team cohesion. The France team worked well with me. She was fine without me too. I am convinced that, whatever the tactical device or the players, there is a lot of talent to continue to have great ambitions.

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