Oloron: lawyers trained in domestic violence to help victims in Haut-Béarn

Dedicated lawyers

Anne Saouter, assistant for social cohesion at the town hall of Oloron, presented this action launched as part of the latest version of the local health contract, which was quickly put in place thanks to a synergy between the services and the bar of Pau, in addition to the already existing hotlines and the various aids present in Oloron, including several emergency accommodation.

Isabelle Fitas, vice-president, explained the importance of this experimental system, which also relies on the voluntary participation of the speakers. “Of the 250 lawyers in the Pau Bar, only about fifteen will go to Oloron for these hotlines, because they will be professionals trained specifically to support these victims in particular. You have to know how to listen differently and bring confidence. At this level, the partnership with the association Du Côté des femmes is very important. It is not a procedure, but a real accompaniment where the notion of time is essential, ”explained the lawyer.

The editorial staff advises you

Emmanuelle Descoubès, director of the association Du Côté des femmes, summarized the system: “This meeting with a lawyer is to allow the victim to think about whether she wants to leave or not, whether she wants to file a complaint or not, it is above all reassuring and providing information”.

Take time

Raphaëlle Jurado, secretary general of the departmental committee for access to law, insisted on this temporality: “These consultations will allow victims to be able to ask themselves, without urgency, because we know that the process can be long before a possible filing of complaint “.

The representative of the Du Côté des femmes association also notes an increase in requests: “In six months this year, we have already helped as many people as in the whole of 2021, on a constant budget”. The support work is therefore far from over.

Office hours several times a week

Meetings without an appointment take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the premises of the association Du Côté des femmes, located at 26 place Saint-Pierre. Meetings with lawyers, always at the premises next to the social center, are on the other hand by appointment, after having contacted the association by telephone on 05 59 06 87 70. This preliminary contact makes it possible to direct the person asking for it to the right person. The legal hotlines began in mid-April, and have already helped half a dozen people.

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