Omicron: what are the most recurrent symptoms in vaccinated people who have been infected?

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A Norwegian study, which looked closely at a focus of contamination, looked at the symptoms that were felt by vaccinated people. However, this research affirms that the Omicron variant has a capacity for “high transmissibility” including in vaccinated people.

In Oslo (Norway), a laboratory relied on a Christmas party, organized by a works council, to closely study the symptoms associated with the Omicron variant, particularly in vaccinated people. Flashback: on November 26, in the Norwegian capital, several dozen employees gathered in a restaurant for the end-of-year festivities. One of the participants, tested positive for Covid-19, infects his colleagues. We will learn later that the employee, back from South Africa two days before the party, was infected with the Omicron variant, which is particularly contagious.

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The participants were eventually contacted by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). In a study published on the website Eurosurveillance, the researchers say that 99% of the 111 people surveyed received two injections of the vaccine that uses messenger RNA technology. The scientists took a close interest in the symptoms described by the patients questioned. 81 of them said they had experienced symptoms. Cough (for 83% of respondents), runny nose (78%), fatigue (74%), sore throat (72%), headache (68%) and fever (54%). Only 12% of those questioned claim to have felt a loss of smell and 33% a loss of appetite. 23% of people questioned indicated that they had felt a loss of taste.

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The NIPH calls this investigative work a “preliminary study”: the results that have been exposed in this study should be taken with caution. The researchers say, however, that it reaffirms the idea of ​​”high transmissibility” of the Omicron variant “even in vaccinated people”. The NIPH hypothesizes that vaccination would have made it possible to “reduce the risks of serious forms of the disease”: “none of the patients questioned was hospitalized, at least until December 13”, i.e. nearly 15 days after the first proven cases of Covid-19.

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