on the highway, they mistakenly confuse a lioness with… a calf

published on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

Several motorists reported the presence of a lioness while traveling on the A20, between Reilhaguet and Payrac (Lot), Saturday February 19. According to La Dépêche, the animal seen was actually a calf.

Between a calf and a lioness, is there any resemblance? On paper, it would be tempting to say no. But that’s without taking into account the fact that, sometimes, the eyes of certain motorists can play tricks on them… This Saturday, February 19, a calf thus sowed panic on a highway in the Lot, between Reilhaguet and Payrac, for he had been taken for a far more ferocious beast. Several motorists traveling on the A20 have indeed thought they saw a lioness, report our colleagues from La Dépêche, Tuesday, February 22.

After receiving several reports, the gendarmes were mobilized alongside the forest guards, and other help, in order to quickly identify the animal. Hunters have also been warned by the authorities so as not to scare this “lioness”. And according to the regional daily, there was no shortage of questions: had she escaped from a circus or from a mysterious enclosure? In reality, none of that. Around 5 p.m. that Saturday, the mystery was lifted: the lioness was just a calf, which had escaped from a farm, and which ended up being captured. The situation then returned to normal.

A similar story in 2015

This is not the first time that a calf has ignited social networks. In 2015, France Bleu reported that the gendarmes had received a call about a wild animal on the loose, between Oizé and La Fontaine Saint-Martin (Sarthe), and had examined the entire area by helicopter. The inhabitants feared at the time a tiger or even a lion escaped from a circus. False alarm, again, it was a calf!

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