on the road, he has an encounter that will change his life

How not to crack in front of Molin’s face?

Going on vacation, Severin and Nicole were far from imagining that they were going to come back with a new member of the family in their luggage.

As the site Love Meow explains, the couple were traveling in their van in Crotia when they met a stray cat.

The cat jumped on the lap of the traveler

As they passed through an abandoned apartment complex, they heard meowing coming from behind them.

“We turned around and saw a very small black kitten running towards us,” Severin explained.

Far from being shy, the little cat jumped on Nicole’s lap and did not hesitate to settle comfortably in her jacket.

The two lovers have tried to find the mother or the owners of the animal without the slightest success.

The tomcat did not let go of the travelers even during a visit to the supermarket to buy him food.

The couple did not wish to separate from the feline

After having a full stomach, the couple took the kitten back to their van. Impossible for them to leave it outside and even hand it over to a third party.

The two young people decided to keep it: “We decided to keep it and name it Molin after ‘molim’ which means ‘please’ in Croatian. »

The little cat also followed his “parents” to Albania where he was able to enjoy the beach and its landscapes.

Even today, Molin embarks on all the adventures of its new owners.

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