on the third day, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyers come out of silence


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Trial of the November 13 attacks: on the third day, Salah Abdeslam's lawyers break their silence

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S. Neumayer, T. Le Bras, A. Blacher – France 3

France Televisions

On the third day of the November 13 attacks, the president of the court began to state the facts. A painful moment for the civil parties already tested by the speeches of Salah Abdelsam. For the first time since the start of the trial, the defendant’s lawyers spoke on Friday, September 10.

At the opening of the trial of the attacks of November 13, the lawyers of Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the commando, wanted to remain discreet. On the third day of the hearing, Friday September 10, they spoke for the first time. “The various speeches of their client, often virulent, pushed them to come out of their silence”, explains journalist Sophie Neumayer live from the Paris Courthouse. Faced with the indignation of the civil parties, the lawyers of the terrorist “wish to recall that it is customary for an accused to speak at his trial”adds the journalist from France Télévisions.

“We can question the content of the statements, the form of the statements, the time when they were made. Nevertheless, these statements have the merit of existing, and that is the foundation”, explains Me Olivia Ronen, lawyer for Salah Abdeslam. Faced with the emotion of the victims, the second lawyer for the accused, Me Martin Vette, adds: “we must not overreact, we must not turn this trial into a permanent buzz. It is important to get out of the culture of immediacy (…) we simply have to show calm and seriousness”because the trial of the attacks of November 13 must last nine months, until May 2022.

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