On the trail of a lost child or the hunt for a criminal on the run

Mobilized to search for the missing, these clumsy dogs have an incredible sense of smell.

Mobilized the day before on the trail of a lost senior, Jupiter is already back in training, in Nîmes, this Saturday. At 8 years old, this 52 kg Saint-Hubert is the only tracking dog in the dog brigade of the Gard Gendarmerie. These calm dogs, who persevere with the hunting instinct, have a unique sense of smell, much more developed than that of other breeds. details the master of Jupiter, Major Bruno Mourier, at the head of the brigade. For the dog, equipped with its ”National Gendarmerie” bib, a light exercise is carried out in the premises of the police academy, where a playful gendarme has hidden somewhere. In short time, Jupiter must then find the soldier hidden on the spot – huge! – consists of countless buildings. Sitting at the Major’s feet, the animal takes deep breaths into a cooling bag held tightly around its nose for a few seconds. A bag containing as at the beginning of each intervention, a personal effect of its target, here a metal pin. During a few minutes he never lifted his nose from the ground, Jupiter, concentrated, rushes across the scene to lead his master directly to the target, yet hidden hundreds of meters behind bushes. Immediately the animal places its paws on the found gendarme’s shoulders to indicate to the major the end of the mission and the time of his reward. Congratulatory treats and caresses, essential to motivate the animal, can be mobilized at any time at the request of local authorities or other departments. wagging tail, Jupiter already seems ready to leave tomorrow in search of a lost child or a criminal on the run.

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