only 2% of players managed to find the dog in 7 seconds, how about you?

Discovering that you are a genius: who doesn’t dream of that? But beware, this only happens to 2% of people who take this test. And there is a very simple rule to follow: observe the image for only 7 seconds. The best will manage to find the dog hiding in the picture.

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Visual challenge: Visual challenges are attracting more and more fans. In the form of a psychological test most of the test, these quick and fun games allow you to learn more about yourself. To find out more about your own personality, the tests are very practical. In just a few minutes, you will indeed find answers to questions you have been asking yourself.

Some tests look at the temperament of the people taking the test. Often in an amusing form, they allow you to discover new aspects of your character. It is for this reason that this type of so-called “psychological” test appeals to a very large number of people.

A new visual test to discover your intellectual abilities!

A growing number of French people are thus being tempted by personality tests on social networks. These games are thus flourishing on the web. Because it’s a way to spend time while learning something interesting.

In the form of MCQs or even games, personality tests can take different forms. For some, you just have to answer questions. Sometimes you have to analyze photographs or drawings. Anyway, personality tests are like games. But behind this entertaining aspect, they are no less formidable psychological tests!

The test that we offer you today will not leave you indifferent. You may even remember it for a very long time! Indeed, it is a question of finding a small sad dog among a crowd of pandas. Easy, you think?

A simple and precise rule to follow absolutely

It all depends on how much time you have to complete this mission. Because in this test, you only have 7 small seconds. And there is no question of exceeding this allotted time. Otherwise, the test is no longer valid.

However, nothing prevents you from carrying out this test with friends or colleagues. This can be a very pleasant moment of relaxation. And the winner might even be whoever manages to find the dog first. In this test, it’s all about concentration.

The advantage is that you are not asked too complicated questions. No mathematical operations to solve. Not even logic puzzles. And yet, it is your IQ that we are going to test here. But this requires a visualization test. So, are you a genius too? Find out quickly!

Visual challenge: Did you find the correct answer?

To perform this test correctly, there is only one very simple rule to follow. Indeed, you are entitled to 7 seconds only to observe the image. Geniuses will easily find the dog hiding in the picture.

But lo and behold, in this image are dozens and dozens of pandas. And it’s not easy to locate the dog. Because it has the same color as pandas. To make the task more difficult, the dog has the same color as the pandas.

Visual challenge: only 2% of players managed to find the dog in 7 seconds, how about you?
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So, have you discovered the dog? If not, we give you the answer below. Be careful, because once you see this image, you will know the answer of the test! How was it necessary to find the sad little dog? It was enough to see that the eyes of the dog are different from those of pandas. Well, easier said than done…

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