Opera, Instagram, Notion, Google Maps and more


Glass: the sharing application for photographers now has its version designed for iPad

Fantastical: version 3.6 of the app brings several new features, including a view by quarter, some new shortcuts and a new function for scheduling appointments by exchanging links

Apple Support: Apple’s app now shows estimated repair costs for an authorized repairer nearby

Snapchat: a new long-awaited function has appeared, allowing you to change your nickname. The modification is only feasible once a year, however.

Instagram: no longer need to send a private message to an account that we follow to like the Stories of the latter, which would no longer see its DM box filled with messages notifying likes

Opera: the browser in its new version allows access to websites by typing smileys, via the partner Yat, a company selling URLs including emoticons

Facebook: the News Feed is renamed simply Feed. Also, Facebook News has arrived in France. This is a content curation service, supported by a team of journalists from Media Services, a subsidiary of AFP.

Concept: the note and project management application is available in French

BBEdit (macOS only): the application is upgraded to version 14.1. and adds support for multiple notebooks and shortcuts

Google Maps: the application recently displays real-time traffic information on the map, using the youthful color and a label displayed next to the targeted address

OmniFocus and OmniOutliner: support for iOS and macOS shortcuts

Other information

Chrome OS Flex: Google has launched a new version of its ChromeOS in early access, which can be installed on an old PC or an old Mac for example, and transform the machine into the equivalent of a Chromebook

Twitter: the social network is testing a new “Safety Mode” to protect against cyberbullying. At the same time, he also announced that he now accepts tips paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency. In addition, a new label “Good Bots” makes it possible to differentiate the “good” robots from the bad ones, in short, to recognize the automated Twitter accounts which offer relevant content. Finally, on iOS, it has recently been possible to put a private conversation in favorites to find it easily.

google : more unlimited storage for schools and universities. They must now make do with 100 TB of storage to distribute to student and teacher spaces. Unlimited cloud storage offers are becoming increasingly rare

Shortwave: Google alumni offer their own mailing application, for an alternative experience to what the Mountain View giant and its Gmail offer

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