Operation Doyens: Jules, a “teen” with the face of an angel

Rescued by the refuge of Gerbey (38) when his master could no longer take care of him, Jules very quickly joined Marie and Loïc, who fell under the spell of this incredible dean. The 13-year-old Golden Retriever, adopted thanks to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, even experienced the arrival of his mistress’s baby.

He just turned 13, but he’s a real teenager! Marie still finds it hard to believe that she adopted a dean. The overflowing energy of Jules very quickly had its effect in the family which has just grown with a little girl.

“Enormously successful” at the shelter

A few months earlier, the Golden Retriever had had bad luck in life, his master could no longer take care of him. Collected by the refuge of Gerbey (38), the dean spent very little time in the boxes. His adorable face and clumsy appearance attract many families who want to adopt him. And in September 2021, his new family was all chosen! ” He was hugely successful despite his agesmiles Marie, her future “mom”. When my husband and I saw it, we literally fell in love! »

It must be said that the couple has already adopted two “old” dogs before Jules and knows the vagaries of old age. If they have to treat the animal’s skin problems, they didn’t have to wait long before the latter took its ease. ” To say he adapted very quickly is an understatement.jokes the adopter. He already knew where his couch was. To tell the truth, it doesn’t really have a specific corner. It settles everywhere we go. A real pot of glue! »

Jules, never without his ball even during a nap./DR

“Luckily thathe is old ! »

A pot of glue with a strong character. If he is deaf, Jules has no problem making his desires understood. ” He’s a nice tyrantteases Mary. He doesn’t like to wait. Sometimes, neighbors call out to us during our walk… and he doesn’t like us to stay too long talking! He acts like a teenager. Luckily he’s old! »

Always in demand of caresses, Jules does not waste a moment to surprise his masters. ” He really makes us laughsays Mary. He loves to play ball but he’s not very good at catching it, even when you aim for his face! »

Thanks to the Doyens Operation of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which promotes the adoption of dogs aged 10 and over by reimbursing any veterinary costs up to 600 euros, Jules can be treated for his health concerns… and continue to amuse the gallery. The doggie has just welcomed a new member into his family: Lucile, Marie’s baby.


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