Our opinion on new services that optimize your insurance contracts, monetize your home…

The editorial staff of Le Particulier analyzed and judged three new products that have appeared on the market in recent weeks. AdobeStock

Every month, Le Particulier analyzes new products or services on the market. For each of them, the editorial staff issues an opinion.

Le Particulier has analyzed new services that offer you the opportunity to review your insurance contracts or to optimize the compensation received following bodily injury. Another new product offers seniors solutions to monetize their housing.

A website to save money

On the Vosmeilleureseconomies.com platform, an advisor analyzes and optimizes all your insurance contracts (home, car, health, mortgage, etc.), as well as your subscriptions (gas, electricity, telephone, etc.) to reduce the cost.

Our opinion : A useful service for those who have never taken the time to review their old contracts. The site charges a 20% commission on savings in the 1st year.

Seniors: à la carte solutions for aging well at home

The Dillan home care property company offers seniors three ways to monetize their home without leaving it: a life annuity without an annuity (Reverso), the sale of an undivided share (Reverso Flex) and a transfer-rental (Reverso Max) .

Our opinion : The proposed formulas meet all the problems that seniors may encounter.

Support in negotiating compensation

Too many bodily injury victims are satisfied with the compensation offered by their insurer. The Swedish start-up Insurello takes care of the procedures and negotiations for them.

Our opinion : Despite its high rates (10 to 25% of the negotiated compensation), this service is useful for the least severe cases. It is preferable, for the most serious, to call upon a specialized lawyer.


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