P.-O. : a teenager seriously injured after saving his cocker spaniel attacked by another dog

Sunday evening, at Barcarès, a teenager was injured after having intervened to save his dog from another, who was not kept on a leash by his mistress. This incident is not the first, and a resident of the town, whose dogs were also victims of a similar attack, alert to encourage canine owners to be more civil and responsible.

“It was 7 p.m., I asked Lorenzo to take Blacko out, in the parking lot of our residence”. The little black cocker spaniel is kept on a leash, but this is not the case with a beauceron who attacks the dog of Gregory and his 14-year-old son Lorenzo. Blacko is caught by the ear, and not seeing the unknown dog let go, the teenager intervenes to stop the attack. But it is he who is bitten, at the level of the hands. The animal ends up letting go and its owner lies down on top of it to tackle it to the ground.

“He had to be operated on, the thumb flexor was affected”

Alerted, Lorenzo’s father goes down to the parking lot: “I called the firefighters, who asked me to put him on biseptine while waiting for them to arrive, by the time I went back up, I saw the woman leave by car”, he says with annoyance. The teenager is taken care of by the emergency services, and taken to the hand clinic: “He had to be operated on, the flexor of the thumb was affected, which means that we don’t even know if he can do it. It takes him three weeks of home nursing every day because the wound got infected very quickly.” The young boy was prescribed an ITT (Temporary incapacity for work, during which a victim cannot live normally) of 10 days.

Gregory receives an SMS from the owner of the Beauceron: “She told me that she did not want to meet me, nor my son. She offered me an envelope, but I don’t care about her money. If I am gives the choice between € 2,000 in damages or that she takes a fine, I choose the fine. I want her to realize what happened, “says the father of the teenager, who has filed a complaint this Wednesday, February 23 at the gendarmerie of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque for “involuntary injuries”.

At least four cases identified

This attack is not an isolated incident in Barcarès: “I’m going to walk my dogs with a ball in my stomach”, explains Chrystèle, who has identified at least four similar cases in recent weeks in the town. These incidents are not the result of a single animal that is particularly aggressive, but rather due to the number of owners who walk their dogs off-leash. Chrystèle and her dogs were themselves victims of this kind of bad encounter on January 23: “We were walking on the island of fishermen, a staff attacked my dog ​​who was injured. The people left without saying anything. “, she laments.

From now on, the Barcarésienne chooses to walk with her four-legged companions in places that allow her great visibility: “When I see people in the distance who have their dog untethered, I tell them to do so, they answer me, but He’s nice! But it doesn’t matter, we don’t know how the other dog will react and what can happen,” explains Chrystèle, calling on dog owners to show more civility and responsibility.

People who don’t tie up their dog, it shows everywhere, but in Barcarès, it shows a lot

Clara is a groomer at Atout Poils in Barcarès. When we talk about the resurgence of this type of incident, she is far from surprised. And for good reason: “It’s common, not to say very common. In the last two weeks alone, three people have canceled their appointments because their dog was injured, with stitches, after dog attacks “, she confides. A situation that saddens this trader, “I even have customers whose animals have died. People who do not tie their dogs, it shows everywhere, but in Barcarès, it shows a lot”.

Chrystèle calls on possible victims to come forward: “We are trying to collect testimonies to make things happen”.


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