Here’s Chrome OS’ New Animated Screensaver Feature

Thanks to Kevin Tofel from About Chromebooks, we now have our very first look at the animated screensavers Google recently promised us that would eventually arrive on the new Personalization Center. Advertisement After updating his Acer Spin 713 to Chrome OS Dev Channel 100 – the first three-digit version of Google’s operating system – he … Read more

lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat subject to disciplinary proceedings – Release

The Parisian lawyer has been targeted since November by a disciplinary procedure by the Paris Bar Council. A year ago, “Liberation” had collected testimonies describing a “climate of fear” within his cabinet. One year after the investigation of Release, which had revealed deleterious working conditions described by around twenty collaborators of the lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat, … Read more

the two teams fail to decide

Lens holds the pressure The Lyon defense is under pressure with the very high pressing of Franck Haise’s men! Thiago Mendes is forced to clear in disaster! Kakuta’s strike! Lens has been a little more dangerous for a few minutes! Gaël Kakuta takes his chance at the entrance to the surface but Lopes is on … Read more

The American Curl: origin, size and character

The American Curl is a breed of cat known for its curved ears. Particularly discreet and gentle, the American Curl is an affectionate and homebody cat. The American Curl is the indoor cat par excellence. Very attached to their masters, these cats are in constant demand for attention and cuddles. His origins The American Curl … Read more

The five best apartment cat breeds

In total, more or less ninety breeds of cats are listed by feline associations. Natural or resulting from crossbreeding, some are reputed to conform perfectly to apartment life. The Persian cat As with all long-haired cats, the Persian cat’s coat requires almost daily maintenance. The concern is not only aesthetic. In addition to ensuring that … Read more