Panicked by gunshots, she rushes and can’t believe what her cat has done (Video)

Panicked by gunshots, she rushes and can’t believe what her cat has done (Video)

Shots that could have had much more serious consequences…

In August 2015, several shots were fired in a residential neighborhood in Pennsylvania. One of the stray bullets smashed the window of the house of Angelica Sipe, who lived her worst nightmare that day.

A shocking scene

Surprised by the sound of gunshots, Angelica Sipe rushes to check that her three-year-old son is well and has not been injured. Luckily, Daemire is doing well and is fast asleep on the couch.

Looking more closely at her sofa, Angelica Sipe notices that a bullet has gone through the furniture and hit her cat, who is seriously injured. After hitting Opie the cat, the ball bounced off the couch. According to Angelica Sipe, if the ball hadn’t hit her cat, her little boy would have taken it and been injured, or worse.

Opie, the little hero

injured ginger cat

Rushed to a veterinary clinic for treatment, Opie was very lucky. On the spot, the veterinarian offers Angelica Sipe to euthanize her cat, which she refuses. She is ready to pay all the costs and absolutely wants Opie to be treated like any member of his family.

Finally, after several weeks of recovery, Opie was better. Below, you can relive this rather incredible story on video.

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