PAOK-OM’s notes: a serious Mandanda

On the ground, PAOK was not up to its stands, boiling throughout the meeting. The Greeks packed the start of the match, making a lot of impact, like Zivkovic dabbing Payet several times or Kurtic getting fried with Guendouzi. But Akpom (5)then Crespo (3) stumbled upon Mandanda. Enterprising, like Zivkovic(6)with its scathing strikes, Douglas(5) Where Biseswar(5)they were weighed down by their central defense. Ingason(3) is very close to registering the csc of the year, but his funny head ends up on the post of Paschalakis (4), and he almost did it again in the second half by cutting off a Marseille cross in desperado (59th)! Crespo, so often struggling, like the other PAOK defenders, on short raises, clears a ball on Guendouzi, offering a smooth transition to OM (34th). At this level, such feverishness does not forgive. In the second half, the incoming Mirata brought his pep, but Colak again missed a face-to-face with Mandanda, who did not ask for so much (83rd). The Greeks would have had to play all night to score. Not resentful, the Toumba stadium applauded them copiously at the final whistle.


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