parents’ explanation infuriates police

Child locked up with 22 stray dogs for months: parents’ explanation infuriates police

In western India, an 11-year-old boy was found locked up with 22 stray dogs in a particularly dirty house.

It was in India that the events took place. It all started when neighbors were concerned to see an 11-year-old child at the still-closed window of a house. The child was there for hours, obviously not going to school. The neighbors then contacted an NGO to come to the site to make sure everything was fine.

Once there, the members of the NGO discovered the little boy, well and truly locked up with 22 stray dogs collected over time by his parents. Out of school for two years, the child would now have some canine behavior according to several media who have mentioned this case.

The police break down the door

Alerted, the police quickly decided to act. The policemen broke down the door to enter the house, which was extremely dirty, covered in urine and excrement. The child was immediately placed in foster care, while his parents did not seem to see the problem in this whole story.

They will probably have to answer for their choices in court.

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