Paris: on the banks of the Seine, the first playground… for dogs

This is a first in the capital. Even better than a “caniparc” where Parisian dogs roam freely and safely. A playground for dogs has just been inaugurated on the edge of the Tino-Rossi garden, which extends along the banks of the Seine, in the 5th arrondissement.

“Opening a dog park is of little interest if people don’t visit it, you have to make them want to! For this first dog park, it was the condition and I fought a lot for this place to be equipped with games. Dog owners are demanding, ”enthuses the mayor of Ve, Florence Berthout.

At the end of the budget of 25,000 euros devoted to the equipment and the provided greening of the new space, which adjoins the garden with sculptures and its course of physical activities, four installations of agility urban version, with inclined planes and tunnels . “A fifth game will arrive very soon”, promises the mayor of Ve.

About 100,000 dog owners in Paris

Something to appease the criticisms often heard about the Parisian caniparcs, the only spaces where dogs can roam freely in the capital, which only has about twenty, but which do not allow the animals to really exert themselves. Too small, too landlocked, too crowded.

Better than the squares and gardens where they are tolerated but strictly kept on a leash, the canine “ludopark” could be duplicated in Paris, with the blessing of associations such as the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) and the Animal Rights, Ethics Foundation and science. “Paris has around 100,000 dog owners, spaces of freedom are rare or very constrained”, they recall.

At Tino Rossi, where access is via the Quai Saint-Bernard, the doggies have 120 m2 to frolic in. This is less than the nearly 1,000 m2 dedicated in the Bois de Boulogne (16th century) to the west, the Bois de Vincennes (12th century) to the east, but still better than the back alleys, and especially off-center buildings, where the neighborhood of dogs sometimes becomes conflictual.

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