Party on board a Sunwing flight | A passenger wants to obtain her title of lawyer

A party girl who participated in the controversial trip of Quebec influencers aboard a Sunwing plane last December, is fighting against the Barreau du Québec to obtain her official title of lawyer.

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Isabelle Ducas

Isabelle Ducas
The Press

Frédérique Dumas-Joyal was filmed at the bar of a hotel in Tulum, Mexico, when she wore panties as a face covering. The video of a few seconds, shot by the influencer Rachel Cantin, has gone viral on social networks.

Mme Dumas-Joyal, who was then working as a lawyer for the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), was fired following this episode.

In a lawsuit filed at the Montreal courthouse, we learn that the young woman also has problems with the Quebec Bar, which refuses to register her on the Roll of the Order so that she can officially practice as a lawyer.

Mme Dumas-Joyal, however, claims to have paid her Bar dues on January 11, 2022, and to have submitted all the required documents, since she passed her Bar exam, was “duly sworn and received her license to practice. the legal profession”.

“Thus, it is possible to conclude that a person who meets all the conditions for admission to the profession of lawyer is a member in good standing of the Bar and consequently, that the latter has the obligation to register him on the Roll of Law. ‘Order,’ she wrote in the suit.

However, his escapades in Mexico seem to have caught the attention of the Bar.

Frédérique Dumas-Joyal herself mentions, in the text of the lawsuit, the video which shows her wearing an underwear on her face, which was reposted “by Instagram pages whose main objective is to spread gossip about public figures. Quebecers and/or on influencers”.

These publications emphasize that Mme Dumas-Joyal appears as a lawyer on her Instagram page, while she is still not registered on the Roll of the Order of the Bar of Quebec.

This is what aroused the interest of the Bar, which first accused him of illegal practice of the profession of lawyer. Her file is closed after the payment of her contribution, she says, and she is confirmed that she will be registered on the Roll of the Order.

But a few days later, the Access to the Profession Committee of the Bar announced to her that it was summoning her to a hearing on February 16, asking her for other documents.

Frédérique Dumas-Joyal, however, contests the jurisdiction of the Committee in these circumstances. According to her, the Bar has confirmed her registration as a lawyer and it is impossible to question this decision.

“The underlying motivations that drive [Frédérique Dumas-Joyal] Act […] draw their source from all the years of work that she has devoted to the study of law and to learning the noble profession of a lawyer, ”she explains in particular in the lawsuit.

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