Party on the plane: a future lawyer who was on the flight sues the Bar

An aspiring lawyer who had been seen laughing with a thong as a mask during the influencer party in Tulum has just filed a civil lawsuit against the Bar, which she accuses of delaying too much to allow her to exercise her job.

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“If the Bar Association’s refusal or negligence to act were to continue any longer, this would potentially jeopardize its hard-earned right to access the profession of lawyer”, affirms Frédérique Dumas-Joyal in a request for appeal made public this Monday at the Montreal courthouse.

Ms. Dumas-Joyal made headlines earlier this year when she took part in the famous flight aboard a Sunwing aircraft. On this chartered trip to Tulum, Mexico, several influencers were seen breaking many rules, whether drinking alcohol or vaping in flight.

Photo taken from Frédérique Dumas-Joyal’s Instagram account

“The trip took an unexpected turn and was then the subject of a media crisis”, soberly indicates Ms. Dumas-Joyal.

But if the latter has made the headlines, it is because of a short online video, in Tulum, where we see her with a red thong as a mask.

“A piña colada,” she says, laughing, leaning in a bar in Tulum.

This video went around the web and even cost him his job at the Autorité des marchés financiers [AMF]which he did not laugh.

“In connection with this event, she filed an affidavit recounting the circumstances, her regrets and the lessons she learned from them,” the court document reads.

However, the statement in question is not public at this stage of the proceedings.

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The dismissal of Dumas-Joyal, however, had a consequence that she did not imagine. Because freshly graduated from the School of the Bar, it was the AMF which had to pay its contributions, which does not seem to have been done.

And since she had changed her Instagram bio from “future lawyer” to “attorney”, it caused her problems. She then fixed the situation, but at the time of the lawsuit, she was still not registered on the Roll of the Order, so she still cannot practice the profession.

Considering this to be an injustice, she therefore filed a lawsuit.

“The deep motivations that drive her to act in the instance, with respect for the institutions and the rule of law, derive their source from all the years of work that she has devoted to the study of law and to the apprenticeship in the noble profession of a lawyer,” she says in her application, which should soon be presented to a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec.


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