Pascal Dupraz (Saint-Etienne coach, at the microphone of Amazon Prime, after the 2-6 defeat in Lorient): “I explain the defeat by my responsibility. That of the coach is to repeat to the players that football is respected. When you make this start, it is important not to add more on the pretext that you are leading 2-0. You have to respect the fundamentals, it’s essential and that’s what we haven’t been able to do. Even if reduction of the gap comes early, we have a feeling that it will happen like that.

It is a collective shipwreck. It’s a sin of pride, a conceited attitude, not an attitude befitting a professional player. On the road to redemption, there are seven games left, and whatever the scores, we will be barrage after this day. It’s better than three months ago, but I want the players to understand that to leave ASSE in L1, you have to respect the game plan, get back to work for 94 minutes. Some have decided to go high rather than stay compact. Ironically, we work all week on the fact that Lorient is a team that counters and we are countered.

It’s a bankruptcy, I deplore it, and I accept it, because it’s my responsibility. When you are a defender, you defend. In behavior, attitudes, we thought too quickly that we were going to win 2-0. The attitudes were not in line with what we had to do. We will have to find the arguments to put the players back on the right track. Current generations skip the game very quickly. Let them skip the game if they wish, but let’s get back to work. We are still in the race. »