Pascal Dupraz settles accounts with L’Equipe

There is no regional solidarity between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, but the two clubs are cold with the only sports daily in the country.

In Forez, it was an article by Bernard Lions published in L’Equipe that set the powder on fire, since Pascal Dupraz was accused of seeing himself a little too handsome, and of annoying internally by dint of asking for an extension. of contract while the maintenance was far from certain. If he does not hide that he likes a lot at ASSE, the French technician firmly denied being regularly begging for a new contract, explaining that the situation was clear for everyone in Saint-Etienne. Except for Bernard Lions. First, it was Loïc Perrin, ASSE’s sports coordinator, who spoke on France Bleu. ” It’s funny because I was quick to send him a message to tell him that I was not annoyed. So, if it annoys internally, as it is marked, in any case, it does not come from management “Said the Saint-Etienne leader, then relayed by Pascal Dupraz in person.

“Is Bernard there? »

I know that ASSE is not maintained. Including next season, I know I will be without a contract. My deal suits me very well. My mission, I’ve known it since the day I signed. I repeat from the start that I believe in maintaining. People believed me less in December. Simply. Bernard is there? No ? That’s a shame. I wrote to him. Bernard Lions did not answer me. He usually texts me for info. But I never answer. It’s a pity that Bernard does not answer me. I love it. There is only one extension that interests me, it is that of ASSE in Ligue 1 “, wanted to clarify Pascal Dupraz, who ensures, like Loïc Perrin, that there was never any question of extending his contract before the maintenance was acquired.

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