Passers-by see a dog stuck on a top-floor balcony and alert the fire department

In Beauvais (60), a team of firefighters rescued a dog that was in a vulnerable position when he was at the edge of the window of an apartment located ate and top floor of a home. The firefighters used their cherry pickers to hoist themselves up to him.


About fifteen workers, between firefighters and municipal police, were mobilized to rescue a dog stuck on top of a building in Beauvais in Oise, reported Beauvais Observer.

The rescue took place on Tuesday 4 October shortly before midday following the alarm raised by concerned passers-by. The firemen arrived with their lift truck. The latter allowed them to reach the location of the distressed dog, which was on a balcony at 3 o’clocke and top floor of the home.

Meanwhile, Beauvais municipal police officers had closed the lane in question, rue Joan of Arc in this case to the traffic to facilitate the work of the emergency services.

The four-legged one was on the windowsill and could fall at any time. Fortunately, the intervention was as quick as it was effective. The dog was rescued safely.

The dog entrusted to SACPA

He was then entrusted to SACPA (Assistance Society for Control of Animal Populations) by Beauvais, in the absence of its owner. He had to be passed to the identification chip reader and cared for while waiting to return him to his family.

Frank Piamayor of the Isarian municipality, also told about this rescue Facebook. In his post, he thanked passers-by for alerting the emergency services.

The first city council member who has just welcomed a young Golden Retriever by name Tango must live at the town hall for a year to be trained as a guide dog for the blind.

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