Patrick Balkany imprisoned, his lawyers demand his release: “He is not dangerous”

This Thursday, May 19 is a key date for Patrick Balkany since he must appear following his request for adjustment of sentence. Lawyers for the former mayor of Levallois-Perret are seeking parole.

Patrick Balkany behind bars. Since February 7, the former mayor of Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine) has been imprisoned following the revocation of his placement under an electronic bracelet. As a reminder, the Balkany couple were sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion. Initially, Patrick Balkany was imprisoned, then released for health reasons in February 2020, before being placed on an electronic bracelet, but his numerous breaches of his legal obligations sent him directly to prison. As for Isabelle Balkany, following a suicide attempt, her state of health is worrying. She remained in the hands of doctors.

The Balkany soap opera could take another turn this Thursday, May 19. According to information from Parisianfollowing his request for a reduced sentence, Patrick Balkany must appear at Fleury-Mérogis prison to defend his case. He hopes for parole, his lawyers too. “He has served more than half of his sentence and it is not dangerous » assures his lawyer, Me Romain Dieudonné. His other lawyer, Me Robin Binsard, adds: “The sentence was understood and carried out, his property was all confiscated. There is no point in keeping him in detention. We want the 73-year-old to enjoy the time he has left with his family.”

Patrick Balkany: soon to be free?

To be liberated, it’s an obstacle course. Indeed, before benefiting from an adjustment of sentence, the penitentiary service of insertion and probation (Spip) as well as by the penitentiary administration must provide a favorable opinion or not. As our colleagues indicate, Spip has made its reluctance known because Patrick Balkany did not seem “not to take the right measure of his incarcerationin particular the reasons for the revocation of the previous sentence adjustment measure.” This request would be “framework avoidance and circumvention strategy. » As for the prison administration, it is favorable because the former mayor is not subject “no incident report” and would be “respectful of staff.” The sentencing court will have to make the decision.

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