Paul Pogba draws a terrible balance sheet of his time at Manchester United

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It’s a safe bet that Paul Pogba is living his last weeks at Manchester United. Recruited with great fanfare in 2016 against 105 M€ from Juventus, the Frenchman will never have finally silenced all the criticisms against him. Too inconstant, annoying sometimes, brilliant too… But it is ultimately the irregularity that prevails when we evoke this balance sheet of almost six seasons. At the end of the contract next June, he represents this contemporary Manchester United quite well: too few trophies (a Europa League and a League Cup) despite millions spent on recruitment and coaching changes.

Mancunian supporters will be the first to notice it. The Pogba seen in England is not at all the same as in the France team. “Already, I agree with this observationrecognizes the person concerned Figaro. It’s the truth. Here (with the Blues, editor’s note), I have a lot more playing time, the system is different than in a club. In fact, it’s simple, at the Blues, I play, and, in addition, at my post. I know my role, I feel the confidence of the coach, the players. It’s normal to feel this difference with Manchester, because it’s hard to be consistent when you often change position, game system or partners.

MU frustration

Whether under Van Gaal, Mourinho, Solskjaer and now Rangnick, the midfielder always seemed to search and rarely find his place. To believe that Didier Deschamps has the miracle recipe to put the 2018 world champion in good spirits. “It’s not just that. The coach, we get along very well, he gave me a role that I know, but, at Manchester United, do I really have a role? I ask the question and I don’t have the answer” he asks himself as if to better support the line.

Faced with such statements, it is difficult to believe in a contract extension in Manchester, but what does he dream of then? “To continue to win, to progress, and to make up for those years when I couldn’t win trophies. You have to be honest, that doesn’t satisfy me, over the last five seasons, but really not at all. This year, it’s dead, we won’t win anything yet. Whether it’s with Manchester or at another club, I want to win trophies.”, aims Pogba at six months to defend his title of world champion. And when asked if he would see himself at PSG, he replied: “Why not? It’s always good to play with teammates in the France team and in the club. The message got through…

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