Peanut, Pitbull Puppy Found With Head Trauma Shows Incredible Resilience

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An 8-week-old puppy found abandoned with multiple fractures is fighting for life. The association that took care of her mobilizes on a daily basis so that her misadventure turns into a bad memory. The courage of the little dog melts the hearts of volunteers and veterinarians.

Peanut was still an 8-week-old Pitbull puppy weighing less than 4 kg when he was found abandoned on the streets of Patersonin the State of New Jersey to the United States. The poor animal had a head trauma that had torn out his gums and swollen his face. His jaw was also broken and showed signs of previous attacks. Associations Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Jersey Pits worked together to ensure he received the best care.

An emergency surgery

The puppy was hospitalized and underwent surgery. Turns out he also had a sore “very infected in the mouth which the vets had to clean to the bone” as specified by Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge on his Facebook post. Peanut stayed a long time with a muzzle and a feeding tube so that his jaw would solidify. “We can’t imagine how disoriented our brave little Peanut is, but we are happy that he can finally receive the medical care and comfort he so desperately needs”the association told One Green Planet.

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Still, Peanut finds it difficult to eat on their own. He will be on antibiotics for many months, but the veterinarians assure that he will recover and that he will be able to enjoy a normal life. While waiting to be adopted, Peanut has been placed with a foster family who takes care of him. “We are so grateful to our incredible rescue community for allowing us to save Peanut”said the shelter.

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