Perpignan prison: the inmate strangled cats with sheets hanging from the bars of his cell


The man was taken into custody this Wednesday, February 23 by the police to be heard on the facts.

At the end of January, the prison officers of the prison of Perpignan were making a round when they discovered with horror the corpses of seven cats directly above the window of a cell in which was imprisoned an individual serving a very long sentence.

Most of the felines had been strangled by means of collars made from sheets and hung on the bars of the window of his cell.

The defendant was taken out of prison by the police on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, in order to be heard at the police station under police custody. Totally detached, without seeming touched by the atrocity of the facts, the man, auditioned for “serious abuse of domestic animals”, denied being the author, although it could not be otherwise. The psychiatric report also revealed that the prisoner, aged 33 and subject to medical monitoring, was no longer taking his heavy drug treatment.

Following his interrogation, he was admitted to hospitalization in a prison environment. He will later be summoned to court to answer for his actions.

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