Pet: what are the most popular purebred dogs in Brittany?


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In France, 20,449 pedigree dog births (Livre des Origins Français (LOF)) took place in 2021. Bretons particularly appreciate golden retrievers. ©Pixabay

It is the most faithful companion of Man: the dog. What is the darling of the Bretons? The Société Centrale Canine which holds the Book of French Origins (LOF) has unveiled the favorite purebred dogs of the French.

The number 1 golden retriever in Brittany

The darling of the Bretons is the Golden retriever (see below) with the most births in the region in 2021: 1,543 LOF registrations.

Golden retriever
The golden retriever is the darling of the Bretons. ©Pixabay

Then we find the Australian shepherd : 1,277 LOF registrations. Finally, the english setter with 1,162 LOF registrations.

Two dogs, including an Australian Shepherd, were locked in a car trunk on the night of Saturday October 2 to Sunday October 3, in Aix-les-Bains (Savoie).
The Australian Shepherd is the second favorite dog of the Bretons in 2021. ©Pixabay

“At the national level, these three breeds rank respectively in 2nd, 1st and 9th place in the ranking of the favorite purebred dogs of the French”, specifies the association recognized as being of public utility.

Classification of dog breeds by region.
Classification of dog breeds by region. ©Société Centrale Canine

Brittany has 1,473 LOF breeders. Many puppies have been born:

On the Brittany side, the region alone recorded 18,606 puppy births in 2021, of 159 different breeds according to the results of the French Book of Origins (LOF) 2021.

Central Canine

The Bretons do not have the same tastes as the French

the Australian shepherd remains number 1 of the French, for the fourth consecutive year. There are 20,449 births in the territory. Next, we find the golden retriever (14,444 LOF registrations) then the belgian shepherd finds itself in third position with 13,542 registrations.

What is a LOF dog according to the Société Centrale Canine?

“The LOF, or Book of French Origins, is the register created in 1885 where the origins of purebred French dogs are listed. Only dogs registered with the LOF are entitled to the name “purebred dog” which justifies a higher price than a crossbred dog, of appearance or racial type. A LOF dog has a birth certificate attesting to its registration with the LOF by its breeder, or a pedigree when it has been confirmed. It is the only genealogical book dedicated exclusively to the canine species in our country, which celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2015″.

In 2021, it was the year of the S. “Stella” is the most given name for females (3,636 puppies) and “Simba” for males (4,253 puppies).

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Good to know, this classification only lists purebred dogs. As a reminder, a dog is said to be “purebred” when it is registered in the French Book of Origins (LOF). A purebred dog is therefore a dog with specific characteristics and whose parents and ancestors are precisely known.

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