Placement-direct Vie combines life insurance and the stock market


Investing in shares on stock exchanges around the world via your life insurance: this is the great novelty of the Placement-direct Vie contract, which succeeds the Darjeeling contract, Gold Trophy for Revenue in 2021.

Buying shares from the world’s major stock exchanges and investing them in your life insurance contract: this is what the brand new contract offered by the Placement-direct internet broker, insured by Swiss Life, offers.

There were already a handful of life insurance contracts open to direct action, but Placement-direct Vie goes further.

Wall Street and Asian Stock Exchanges

The contract gives access not only to the shares of the CAC 40 (French stock exchange), the DAX (German) and the Eurostoxx 50 (European), but also to the Dow Jones and Nasdaq (American stock exchanges), the Nikkei (Japan) and some shares of the Korean Stock Exchange, the Hang Seng. Unheard of for a consumer contract! In total, more than 300 stocks from all over the world are accessible through this contract.

A great feat for the insurer Swiss Life and the broker Placement-direct hailed by Income. Indeed, in a life insurance contract, referencing direct actions (also called “live securities” in the jargon of insurers) is not an easy task! You need to be able to provide liquidity quickly because of the volatility of stocks which can go up or down in a matter of days or even hours.

In the case of the Placement-direct Vie contract, “if the order arrives before noon, the value date is that of the evening and on D+1 for the Asian stock markets due to the time difference”, explains Gilles Belloir, managing director of

The favorable taxation of life insurance

The interest of referencing all these actions in a life insurance contract? “It was a request from our investors, continues Gilles Belloir. And it seemed interesting to us to go to foreign stock exchanges to offer them to diversify the investment”.

Another major advantage of housing shares in the life insurance envelope: the favorable taxation, in particular for foreign shares not eligible for the stock savings plan (PEA).

As long as you do not make any withdrawals, you are not taxed. And when the contract is eight years old, you can make redemptions without paying a penny of tax (you still have to pay social security contributions at the time of withdrawal) within the limit of 4,600 euros in earnings per year.

1,300 units of account

“It’s the Darjeeling contract, but better,” he adds. By adding this new string to its bow with 300 direct actions, this Placement-direct Vie contract becomes one of the most complete life insurance policies on the market since it gives access to a total of more than 1,300 units of account: classic UCITS ( equity funds, bond funds, flexible funds, etc.), ETFs, real estate funds, private equity funds.

The icing on the cake, his costs have fallen again. “We wanted to offer the lowest possible fees,” says Gilles Belloir. In free management, they amount to 0.60% on funds in euros, 0.50% for traditional unit-linked supports and 0.80% on ETFs and direct shares. Like all internet broker contracts, there are no payout fees or arbitration fees.

Good to know : the Darjeeling contract, awarded the Gold Trophy of the Income for several years, is no longer open to new subscriptions, but its holders can still make new deposits or make arbitrages or withdrawals as they wish. Too bad, however, that we cannot transfer it to the new Placement-direct Vie contract.

In 2021, readers of the Income who followed our recommended allocations on the Darjeeling contract gained + 5.40% on the cautious profile (80% in funds in euros and 20% in units of account) and + 9.80% for the balanced profile which takes up the “ 60/40” strategy of Income, namely 60% invested in the fund in euros and 40% in units of account.

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