Plug-in hybrid insurance: prices, quotes, comparisons

Plug-in hybrid vehicles today represent an interesting compromise in terms of performance, range and comfort on the road. What is the most suitable car insurance contract, and how to find a formula at the best price? Below is a full update on plug-in hybrid insurance with

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Plug-in hybrid vehicles combine a conventional combustion engine with one or more electric motor blocks. They therefore have the ability to drive in 100% electric mode until the battery runs out and the combustion engine takes over.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles do not have a range comparable to an all-electric vehicle: they can travel completely cleanly over 40 kilometres, which is a sufficient distance to complete most journeys in an urban environment.

The battery can then be recharged at a public terminal or a domestic outlet.

How to insure a plug-in hybrid car?

Taking out car insurance is a legal requirement for driving a plug-in hybrid car on public roads, or any other type of motor vehicle. The owner of the vehicle must cover at least his civil liability within the framework of third-party insurance: in practice, this contract will compensate for damage caused to other vehicles and road users, but not those suffered by the vehicle. insured himself. Plug-in hybrid type vehicles save fuel, but are also more complex in design than a conventional vehicle. Their higher value inevitably affects the amount of the plug-in hybrid insurance premium.

What guarantees for plug-in hybrid insurance?

Taking out a third-party insurance contract is not recommended if your plug-in hybrid vehicle is still recent. In the event of a responsible claim, you could not benefit from any compensation for your material damage and therefore risk a significant financial loss.

Extended third-party insurance for plug-in hybrids can provide you with a particularly useful first level of protection, with guarantees such as:

  • Glass breakage (vandalism, accidentally damaged windshield, etc.);
  • Fire and explosion (accident or malicious act);
  • The flight.

To benefit from optimal coverage, it is also possible to turn to all-risk plug-in hybrid insurance. In addition to the previous guarantees, it may include, for example, a 24/7 assistance service, or even a personal guarantee for the possible physical injuries of the driver.

A more responsible choice for the environment

Thanks to its two energy sources, the plug-in hybrid car is more economical and above all less polluting. It consumes 10 to 30% less fuel compared to a conventional car. Its CO2 emissions, moreover, are reduced by a third.

What are the prices for plug-in hybrid car insurance?

The following table offers a comparison of the best plug-in hybrid car insurance quotes for different vehicle models. The advertised rates apply to exclusively private use, for an individual living in Lyon and driving 15,000 kilometers per year, with a closed garage and a 50% bonus.

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