An American policeman has been sentenced to one year in prison and more than four years suspended for killing a dog and lying to investigators about the circumstances of the animal’s death. Charged with “acts of torture on a dog”, Richard Chinappi had pleaded guilty in November and was fixed on his sentence Friday, during a hearing in a court of the State of Virginia, according to court documents.

On October 19, 2021, he had shot the beagle of the one who was then his companion. When the police arrived at their home, he claimed to have wanted to repel the attack of a bear (a species present in Virginia) but was confused in his explanations, report local media.

Bloodstains cleaned up

An autopsy carried out on the canine had shown that he had been the victim of point-blank rifle fire, not compatible with this version. The investigation had also revealed traces of blood cleaned in the kitchen.

Richmond police, who recruited Richard Chinappi in 2016, suspended him. His reasons have not been made public. Americans are very attached to their dogs, which occupy a central place in the lives of many people.