Policyholders – Personal data: Health Insurance warns of the risks of phishing

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Phishing practice

The National Health Insurance Fund warns its policyholders following personal administrative data stolen from 500,000 people. find on Service-Public.fr safety tips to apply to protect yourself.

What data has been targeted?

The data concerned are:

last name, first name, date of birth, sex, and social security number of the insured.

On the other hand, the contact details (email, address, telephone) as well as the bank details were not stolen. Data relating to any pathologies or illness and data relating to the consumption of care are not affected either.

How are policyholders notified?

The people whose data was leaked were informed individually by letter or email from Health Insurance to make them aware of the increased risk of phishing/phishing they could be subject to.

Information for policyholders has been issued to indicate the procedure to follow to report any incident. Health professionals were also invited to strengthen the security of their amelipro account.

What are the safety tips to apply?

For received e-mail messages:

  • remain alert to the sender of messages, even if they appear to be an official sender;
  • beware of attachments;
  • never respond to a request for confidential information, in particular banking information;
  • pay attention to the content and wording of the message received.

For access to the various services on the Internet, it is recommended to change the connection passwords regularly;

For telephone calls or text messages from unknown numbers: do not respond to any requests for communication of personal and/or banking data.

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