Porta Potty / Man: “I sucked 4 dogs and 6…, after they sodomized me, I was bleeding…”, shock revelations from a young Cameroonian (video)

There is no end to the revelations about the famous Porta Potty affair that has been talking about for a few days!

The scandalous story has become a real subject of general indignation, especially in Africa where influencers are currently under the weight of all kinds of criticism.

Scatophiles, bestial practices, such are the atrocities revealed on several women, African in particular, who indulge in them in return for money.

However, contrary to what many think, it turns out that the phenomenon does not only concern women, as proven by the chilling testimony of a young Cameroonian.

Indeed, in a video that has gone viral on the web, the latter revealed that he had been the victim of these horrors in Dubai, when he was there at the base to trade.

According to him, he found himself in a situation of extreme financial need when his business idea would have gone wrong and his visa had expired, thus having no way out of returning to Africa.

It was then that one of his friends on the site introduced him to a network, the background of which he actually did not know.

He admits having agreed to satisfy older women for money (which he was told at the start), just that when the time came, the reality was quite different. He thus found himself stuck in a hotel room between 6 men and 4 dogs, with whom he lived one of the worst nights of his life. He confessed to having performed fellatio on them, including the dogs, and after being sodomized by all and many other denigrating things.

Quite shocking revelations which should open the eyes of the rest of the world to the seriousness of the phenomenon and raise awareness of the fact that the male sex is also part of it.

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