powerful start to the match for OM, who made the break on penalty

It’s time for changes

Pape Gueye and Rongier go out for Kolasinac and Lirola. The OM defense should readjust a bit.

On the Montpellier side, Makouana replaces Ferri and Sambia in place of Souquet.


In the area, the Brazilian takes the ball with a magnificent control directed from the chest before attempting a strike from the right… totally missed.

Harit having fun

Fortunately, there is Amine Harit who walks around with the ball at his feet to restart as cleanly as possible, from his goal line, without panicking.


The match becomes a bit repetitive, between a Montpellier team which does not accelerate and a Marseille team which is content with it.

Cabella to launch a counter

The Marseillais come back very well in defense and recover the ball at the feet of Mavididi. In continuity, Leroy fouls on the middle line and receives a yellow card.

Germain and Cabella back at the Vélodrome

Copious whistles as the Montpellier residents in turn make a double change… with familiar faces at the Vélodrome. Germain and Cabella enter in place of Wahi and Mollet.

Changes to OM

Dieng and Ünder, the two scorers in the first half, are replaced by Sampaoli. Payet and Luis Henrique are the entrants.

Center of Savanier…

It’s far too strong for Mavididi and Wahi. The ball flies out of goal.

Watch from afar!

Gerson tears himself away in the area after good pressing and kicks the ball back… Guendouzi can’t control. It is finally Gueye, from afar, who strikes directly. In the air.


On a hyper-risky raise from Kamara, Gueye lets the ball pass… to Savanier, who strikes immediately. It’s next to the frame. What a fright for the Marseillais!

Under seeks Dieng

Cengiz Ünder’s ground pass is perfectly measured, but Dieng is finally a little short when putting the leg. Omlin can grab the ball.

The game resumes!

Montpellier has 45 minutes to try to get back into the game… and try to return the favor a few months after the stunning first leg at La Mosson.

Reactions to the break on Amazon Ligue 1

Harit : “We have a very, very well controlled first half. We have OCCAZ. We control the game. We manage to alternate between strong and weak times. I think it’s deserved at the break. We have a group with a lot of quality players. I hope I can continue like this to have more credit with the coach.”

Souquet : “We made a good start but we were punished on a deep run. We had the ball 1-1, we took a penalty with the VAR… If we didn’t concede any other goals and we put one, I think there’s something to play for. But we have to stop conceding goals, otherwise it’s going to be more complicated.”

It’s the break in Marseille!

The Olympians lead quite logically 2-0, thanks to a goal from Dieng and a penalty from Ünder. Montpellier tries to get back into the game but lacks efficiency and accuracy in the last gestures. But the game is far from over…

The Mandanda Parade!

The OM goalkeeper is focused and does not let himself be surprised on a shot from 16 meters from Mavididi, after a loss of ball from Gerson. Marseille is almost in danger and is not yet completely safe.

The vicious center of Ünder!

Omlin intervenes at the last moment on this very complicated center, which bounces at the last moment in front of him. Bamba Dieng then inherits the ball and hits … next to the frame.

Montpellier does not shoot

The real problem for the MHSC is there: the inability to shoot from kick-off. Montpellier only shot once, and it was off target, in almost 40 minutes of play.

Kamara-Leroy shock

On a cross from Savanier, the two players are in a duel in the air. The Marseillais seems with a delay, the Montpellier remains on the ground. The game is interrupted to allow Leroy to come to his senses.

Ünder’s good pressing

The Turk comes to hinder Sakho’s recovery and even recovers the ball, but it is badly launched by Harit then. The Montpellier defense is doing well.

Dieng goes on goal

Superb pass from Guendouzi to launch Dieng in the depth, towards the goal. The attacker, however, misses his ball handling afterwards and pushes his ball too much. Omlin can step in before his strike.

Montpellier returns to the attack

The Montpellier residents have been trying a lot since the start of the match and have not let up despite the scenario, but without finding Mavididi or Wahi in a good position in the last 16 meters.

Guendouzi decisive in his area

Very good return from the midfielder, who comes back to cut off a pass that was lying around in the penalty area, before conceding the corner all the same.

Under introduces himself…


Omlin is taken on the wrong foot on this penalty shot by Cengiz Ünder. OM had a perfect start to the game and were already leading 2-0!

Video Arbitration!

Without much surprise, the referee is called by the video assistance to go and consult the images… and indicates the penalty spot for this fault by Ferri, who tackles Dieng with a delay.

Dieng collapses in the box!

Ooooh what a great action from OM! After a superb pass from Gerson, Dieng seemed close to being able to take the ball in the area and collapsed… without fail, according to Mr. Stinat.

Mavididi avoids Mandanda

The Montpellier striker finds himself in an angle too closed to strike. His withdrawal is countered by Luan Peres. In the process, Savanier escapes and crosses strong… It is still cleared by the Marseillais.

The timid reaction of Montpellier

Olivier dall’Oglio’s players tried to go straight back on the attack, with Wahi on the left side, but Marseille’s defense left no space at the start of the game.



On a deep pass from Rongier, Harit perfectly resists the Montpellier defender behind his back before depositing the ball in the six meters, for Dieng, who only has to conclude. 1-0 for OM!

Ünder’s curling strike!

From the right side, the Turk returns to his left foot and attempts a shot… which does not come back enough towards the goal. Omlin watches the ball go into the stands.

Corner for Montpellier

He is shot at the far post by Téji Savanier… and cleared by Rongier. First alert without danger for OM.

Fever for Caleta-Car

The Croatian defender, announced as holder and finally replaced by Gueye, would have been replaced because of a feverish state according to the latest information from Amazon Ligue 1.

Let’s go to the Velodrome!

The kick-off is given by the Marseillais, who welcome Montpellier tonight with Mandanda holder in goal. Will the Olympians regain possession of 2nd place, ahead of Rennes?

Strasbourg remains at a distance

In the penultimate match of this day of Ligue 1, at 7 p.m., Lyon snatched a draw at the last second against Strasbourg. A welcome result… for Marseille, which retains a small lead of 4 points over the Alsatians, on the podium.

A change in the eleven of OM

Injured, Caleta-Car finally gives up his place in the starting lineup to Pape Gueye.

Marseille supporters have voting instructions

The banners are out at the Vélodrome and wink at the presidential election: “For excessive fines, prohibited travel, closed areas, the death of popular football, vote LFP.”

The warm-up is on at the Velodrome

Both teams are on the lawn of Marseille, including Rémy Cabella, who will be on the bench of substitutes for Montpellier after the premature end of his contract in Krasnodar because of the conflict in Ukraine.

Grandstands closed at the Velodrome

Some stands are closed for this match against Montpellier at the Vélodrome stadium, after the latest events against Nice. However, the Olympians should be able to count on 50,000 spectators tonight.

Saliba: “I became a guy from 13”

The central defender, on loan this season from Arsenal, expressed his rapid attachment to his new adopted city for this season.

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The official compositions!

The eleven of OM : Mandanda – Rongier Saliba, Caleta-Car, Luan Peres – Kamara, Guendouzi, Gerson, – Under Harit, Dieng.

The eleven of Montpellier : Omlin – Souquet, Estève, Sakho, Cozza – Ferri, Leroy – Mollet, Savanier, Mavididi – Wahi.

Payet went to vote

On this presidential election Sunday, Dimitri Payet exercised his civic duty by going to vote a few hours before the match. He shared this moment on social networks.

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Dimitri Payet voted before facing Montpellier with OM
Dimitri Payet voted before facing Montpellier with OM © @Instagram

No Milik in the group

The suspense only lasted a few minutes. First announced in the group, Arek Milik is finally not available to face Montpellier. The Pole is not yet recovered from his injury contracted in selection.

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OM can regain 2nd place

With the stunning victory of Rennes on the lawn of Reims, Marseille is third at kick-off, ahead on goal difference.

Hello everyone

End of the 31st day of Ligue 1 this Sunday with Marseille receiving Montpellier at the Vélodrome stadium. The kick-off will be given at 9 p.m. and not 8:45 p.m., due to the Strasbourg-Lyon match, which is played at 7 p.m.

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