“Does the law authorize me to enter a polling station with my dog? asks a reader who wants to combine voting and walking for his pet.

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Who has access to the polling station?

Not everyone is allowed in a polling station! Access is restricted to registered voters, in accordance with article L62 of the electoral code. Of course, the presence of children is also tolerated, including in the voting booth.

But what about pets?

The electoral code does not mention any information concerning pets.

In the specific case of the guide dog or service dog, the law obliges voters to be allowed access to the polling station with their dog.

For category 1 and 2 dogs (attack dogs and guard and defense dogs), the law forbids them access to public places, so there is no need to come with them.

For other animals in the absence of specific law, the rule varies from one polling station to another. It is the president of the polling station who can decide to authorize or prohibit access to pets. If in doubt, it is better not to take it!

If you decide to take it anyway and your polling station accepts it, finally remember that you are responsible for the actions of your pet: in the event of a bite, an accident or damage to the equipment, c it is your responsibility that is engaged.

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