Princess Anne visits the Birds of Paradise Aviary in Papua New Guinea and the Commonwealth Cemetery

On her second day of a marathon visit to Papua New Guinea, there is very little time scheduled for rest for Princess Anne. On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 12, Princess Anne made four important visits, including one to the Commonwealth Soldiers’ Cemetery and one to the country’s only theme park.

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Princess Anne pays respect to the Cross of Sacrifice in Papua New Guinea

Princess Anne, 71, is visiting Papua New Guinea as part of the royal tour of Oceania to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. This country at the other end of the world is one of the kingdoms of the Commonwealth of which Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. Before heading to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, Princess Anne spent three days in Australia, another Commonwealth kingdom.

This Tuesday, April 12, the program of the princess was loaded. In the morning, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II visited a technical school for girls, run by Caritas. After attending a show in the school gymnasium, she headed to the capital’s hospital, accompanied by her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence. Together, they were able to visit the largest hospital in the country and the princess inaugurated a new center specializing in the detection of cardiac pathologies.

Later that day, Princess Anne and her husband headed to Bomana War Cemetery. In this cemetery lie the remains of 3,824 Commonwealth soldiers, 699 of whom are unidentified, explains the local newspaper LOOP. The country was the scene of terrible confrontations during the Second World War, especially against Japan.

Princess Anne and her husband in front of the Cross of Sacrifice at Bomana Cemetery on April 12, 2022 (Photo: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Photos/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Princess Anne meditated for a moment in front of the Cross of Sacrifice in this cemetery, then she laid a wreath of flowers. The Cross of Sacrifice is a white, cross-shaped monument found in all Commonwealth war cemeteries. Its base is octagonal and a sword is hung on one side of the cross, pointing downwards.

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Port Moresby Wildlife and Adventure Park Tour

After this visit, Princess Anne and her husband went to Adventure Park. This is the one and only amusement park in Papua New Guinea. This theme park is a kind of adventure park where there is also an animal park and some activities to do in nature. The park does not have sensational attractions.

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence in the bird of paradise aviary, Raggi’s Bird of Paradise (Photo: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Photos/ABACAPRESS.COM)

One of the most popular enclosures in the park is the aviary with the birds of paradise, in particular the species called the Raggi bird-of-paradise. Princess Anne went to the aviary to admire the bird of paradise and its dazzling plumage. In the park, there are also crocodiles, the dreaded saltwater crocodiles, flamboyant Victoria crowned pigeons and a magnificent orchid garden.

A male and a female Raggi’s Bird-of-paradise species (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

After this visit, Princess Anne went to a garden in the park where she planted a tree. Her husband, Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, accompanied her throughout this voyage. Princess Anne’s husband helped the Queen’s daughter plant this tree. Planting trees across the Commonwealth is a wish of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s Canopy initiative was launched to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee across the Commonwealth. The idea is to participate in reforestation by creating green areas in memory of this important milestone, that of the anniversary of the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II.

After this visit, the Princess Royal took over the management of the National Museum, a museum built since the independence of the country in 1975, which includes an important collection of pieces belonging to the ancient indigenous tribes of the country. In the evening, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II will participate in a business dinner to close her stay in the country.

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