Princess Madeleine of Sweden is an avid animal lover, especially dogs. She therefore could not remain insensitive to the story of Oreo, who lived through the abuse of his former owner and then the unprecedented storm that hit Florida. The 3-year-old dog has therefore come to enlarge the royal family.


Princess Magdalenehis husband Chris O’Neill and their 3 children, leonora, Adrienne and Nicholas already shared their lives with Teddy beara Labradoodle adopted 2 years ago.

The 40-year-old had recently introduced him to her community, reports say Royal Tales. “He is a real teddy bear who gives everyone lots of hugs and love”the princess had then written Magdalene on Instagram.

This week has the royal family who live in Florida to United States since 2018 announced to have welcomed a 2nd puppy, which was very well received by Teddy bear.

A happy future, unlike its past

The princess wanted to help this 3-year-old dog who had just been rescued by a local shelter. He explained that to himOreoshis nickname, had been abused by his previous owner.

“Oreo was strapped outside in the Florida weather for most of the day and night”she clarified.

The unhappy man was therefore greatly disturbed by his situation, but nevertheless remained sociable and loving.

Fortunately, an association had brought him to safety just before the hurricane ravaged the area.

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The black Havanese arrived at his new prestigious home last week.

“Today he manages to make us laugh and show us how much he has a tender and loving soul. He and Teddy are perfect mates who never stop playing together”reported the princess on her social networks.

Leonora, Adrienne and Nicholas therefore have a new furry friend to spoil, much to their delight.

There is no doubt that the young Oreos will enjoy the life of a king in a warm home and that he will soon forget his painful past.