A decree published on April 27th (finally) classified processionary caterpillars as species considered harmful to human health in the event of strong proliferation. The processionary caterpillar is not dangerous only for humans but also for domestic animals, a problem that we, hunters, unfortunately know well with our dogs.

During their period of activity, the stinging hairs of these caterpillars can cause serious pathologies in our faithful companions, which can go as far as the death of the dog if it is not taken care of by a veterinarian.

To find out more, you can consult this very complete article already published on Chasse Passion on processionary caterpillars.

The importance of this classification in harmful category will oblige the authorities and in particular the prefectures to take measures to reduce the populations of these processionary caterpillars by various means.

This should reduce the risk of encountering a procession of these caterpillars, which can have disastrous consequences if the stinging hairs get into the mouths, ears or eyes of our dogs.