projectiles on Simeone, a stroke of blood from Cristiano Ronaldo sanctioned by UEFA?

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The quarter-finals of the Champions League are now clearly emerging and Atlético Madrid will be part of the ball of the eight European teams thanks to their narrow victory at Old Trafford on the lawn of Manchester United (1-0). A hard-fought success that ended in a tense atmosphere.

Indeed, Diego Simeone, the coach of the Colchoneros, came back at a trot at the final whistle. An attitude however very usual with him which did not please the Mancunian supporters who targeted him with projectiles. The Reuters agency says that UEFA could take up the case and sanction the Red Devils for this small gap.

But that’s not all since the English press, and more particularly the Daily Mail, fears that Cristiano Ronaldo is also in the crosshairs of the European body. In question, his behavior on the lawn at the time of Renan Lodi’s goal, where the Red Devils denounced a foul on Elanga. Except that CR7 did it in a particularly vehement way, with a big apparent anger and a sign made to the referee of the meeting that the latter had better wear glasses. Even if UEFA can be finicky on certain aspects, it is not certain that the body will take hold of this inconsequential nerve attack of a few seconds…

to summarize

Atlético Madrid sought qualification for the quarter-finals of the Champions League on the lawn of Manchester United (1-0) after a tense meeting. And some gestures that could leave traces in the near future.

Julien Pedebos

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