Protection of animals: the wali of Algiers announces the end of “Galoufa”

In order to fight against rabies, the authorities of the municipality of Algiers are massively slaughtering stray cats and dogs. The fate of these animals condemned to certain death causes deep sadness among the inhabitants of the region.

Following exchanges of letters from Brigitte Bardot and President Abdelmadjid Tebboune where the latter had expressed his empathy and that of many Algerians concerning the respect and adequate treatment of animals, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation via its account Instagram announced on Tuesday March 22, 2022, the end of electrocutions at the Algiers pound, the famous “Galoufa”. “The Algerians do not recognize themselves in these cruel executions and ask us to intervene to bring our expertise and human and responsible solutions” these are the words written by Brigitte Bardot in her letter to the President of the Algerian Republic.

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Indeed, and at the end of a meeting of the Foundation with the Walli Ahmed Mabed held in Algiers on Tuesday, March 22 of the current year, the declaration of arrest was announced. From now on, thousands of animals will no longer experience atrocious death or treatment. To this end, the Foundation, alongside the local association BCHE, has set up training on dog capture techniques provided by expert Brian Faulkner.

Also in the same publication, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation seeks the determination and commitment of Algerians who love animals to have them vaccinated and sterilized so that this measure is sustainable.

Algerians together against Galoufa

Alongside Haifa Rezagui, the presence of animals is always appreciated. In particular the bastards to whom this Algiers veterinarian claims to want to “give back legitimacy”.

In Staoueli, to the west of Algiers, many citizens rub shoulders in a field-refuge which has been rented from a private individual and whose management is ensured by a dozen or so volunteers led by Haifa Rezagui. The forties chose a year ago to found the association BCHE (Algeria Billy for Compassion, Humanity and Empathy) in order to legitimize this voluntary action carried out for 15 years, to receive visitors or to sensitize the inhabitants of this city. But for her, it is out of the question to seek any state subsidy. “That wouldn’t make sense. How would I then denounce Galoufa? she says.

Galoufa is the name attributed by the Algerians to these municipal services which are responsible for capturing and killing animals, in particular stray dogs and cats, even domestic ones, so as to avoid their bites and contamination by diseases in all genres.

At the origin of this practice, which dates from the period of French colonization, we find, it is said, Garufa, a Spaniard living in the popular district of Bab El-Oued. This individual had made catching stray dogs his specialty, when rabies was still very present.

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