Provinces. Loue, supercop dog, put the muzzle on 6 kilos of drugs

Loue discovered more than 6 kilos of cannabis resin and €2,200
Loue discovered more than 6 kilos of cannabis resin and €2,200 (©National Police)

The defendant can not believe finding himself in the box of the accused in immediate appearance, Thursday, February 17, at Melun. Quarantine ” , rather strong, yellow hair firecracker, he presents himself as a former unemployed consultant. He expresses himself rather well to comment on his depression, his drift, and finally his “shipwreck” which took him to court.

Above all, he cannot believe the way the police burst into his home “almost by chance” 2 days earlier, with their dog on a leash, nose to the ground, sure of his infallible sense of smell.

Drug Operation

It all starts on Tuesday, February 15 with a drug operation carried out by the prosecutor, in the sector of the station of Provinces. The canine team is present with its rent dog, on the teeth. Suddenly, the animal takes the track. He’s not going to let her go for several hundred meters, up to a building in the Doctor-Schweitzer Street.

He climbs the floors, followed by his master and scratches at a door. Once in the apartment, Loue continues her methodical search: a first batch of barrettes in a closet, then a jar of weed, imported tobacco. Without forgetting the necessities of the perfect little dealer with scales and packaging bags. And to finish: 4 large taped plates!

In all, after regulatory weighing, there is enough for 6.163 kilos of cannabis resin, ready for resale. Enough to fill the Provinois market for a while. Refuting the saying that money has no smell, Loue also discovers a hideout with €2,200 in cash.

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Warrant of deposit

Facing the judges, the defendant tries to minimize his role according to the usual argument: “I am only the nanny. It’s just to supplement my difficult end of the month and satisfy my personal consumption. Unemployed, I lost my RSA and I’m in depression.

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The president interrupts him by citing statements from relatives, in particular from a roommate who mentions “up to twenty customers parading on Saturdays”. A charge further reinforced by the six entries already on his record for various offenses. The prosecutor speaks of a “very big catch”, very far from the simple neighborhood nanny, and claims two years in prison, one of which is suspended.

The court ultimately opted for 24 months in jail of which 13 are closed and the warrant of committal at the hearing. In addition, and this is probably what hurts the most, the court orders the obligation to pay the sums due to the plublic treasurefor whom the approximately 6 kg of cannabis resin corresponding to a hefty bill of more than €20,000.

Jean-Francois CALTOT

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