Punching actions against outlaw pet stores in Nice

“LAnimals are not consumer goods that we put on display. Commodity puppies and kittens, that’s enough!”

Animal rights activists yelling at the megaphone. Shopkeepers who hastily lower the curtain. Bird names and spats.

Last Saturday, three pet shops in Nice which display animals in the window were targeted by One Voice.

“They are illegal because they do not respect the law against mistreatment passed last November. The presentation in pet shops of animals visible from a road open to public traffic has been prohibited for four months. And some continue.. .”explains Corinne Bouvot, the association’s field coordinator.

“Punch Actions”

“Either these traders do not know the law, or, and this is more likely, they prefer to continue to present animals as consumer goods“, believes the activist. “these punch actions to alert the population and the public authorities”.

The founding president of One Voice, Muriel Arnal, warns “We will react whenever we learn of such situations. Our activists are whistleblowers”.

“Whistleblowers? C … who want to kill us instead!”, Chokes the manager of one of the pinned pet stores.

“The reception was very, very tenseconcedes Corinne Bouvot, we were treated to flowery language and some were very upset. We decided to publish the images to show how these people reach out to those who just want to highlight a violation of the law.

The videos, posted on the One Voice Twitter account, have accumulated more than 30,000 views in four days.

The prefect seized

a heating on the networks, there is a risk of disturbing the public order”, is alarmed the Riviera deputy Loïc Dombreval.

For the rapporteur of the law against animal abuse, there is no reason to argue: “These pet shops are outlaws. There are at least three in Nice but also in Cannes and elsewhere in the Alpes-Maritimes”.

He understood “ the prefect and the departmental directorate for the protection of persons”.

The protector of animals hammers: “The meaning of the provision prohibiting the presence of animals in the window is clear: an animal is not a toy. This display in the window has only one purpose: to trigger impulse purchases followed by abandonment”.

“They are already dead and we are attacking them”

The pure and simple ban on the sale of puppies and kittens by pet stores, provided for in this same law, will be effective on January 1, 2024.

A measure that despairs the sector: “The sale of puppies is 90% of our turnover. We’re screwed, we’ll close in a year and a half (read below)“,

Luc Ladonne, the president of the national union of pet stores, one of the majority professional organizations in France, castigates “associations with violent methods and scandalous actions: these businesses are already dead and they are still being attacked. It’s relentlessness.”

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