Pyrénées-Orientales: a family comes face to face with an extremely rare white boar


Meeting a boar is not uncommon in the region. Doing it near houses is a little less so, but when the boar is white, the encounter becomes rare and unusual.

This is what Gilbert and his small family had the chance to experience, returning from the retirement home in Sorède. “Saturday around 2:45 p.m., returning from the retirement home with my daughter, we saw this boar on the road to the Happy Valley near the Cassanyes mill. He was quietly scratching a border of shrubs near the footpath”.

The time to recover a smartphone, Évelyne and Robert with their two children, Paul and Célia, were able to film and photograph the animal which, having traveled 300 meters, was at the gate of the Valbères nursing home and crossed the road without press. “In general, adult boars are gray in color, but it very rarely happens that one of them is white”says Gilbert.

Is it a cross with a domestic boar, or an albino, or is it a chromosomal deficiency or an old loner? So many hypotheses that remain unanswered.


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