Pyrénées-Orientales: “The goal is to vaccinate against influenza and Covid at the same time”

While this Tuesday, October 18, the vaccination campaign against influenza is launched, it is the aim of the health authorities to double it with the anti-covid vaccine. While the incidence rate seems to mark the times in the Pyrénées-Orientales with 375 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on 18 October.

“For the articulation of these two vaccinations to be as effective as possible, the high health authority recommends the simultaneous administration of vaccines against influenza and against Covid”. The regional health board launches its influenza covid vaccination campaign on Tuesday 18 October 2022. A double dose with instructions for use. “The data indicate that co-administration is generally well tolerated and does not diminish the protection of the two vaccines. The two injections can be given on the same day at two separate vaccination sites, i.e. one vaccine in each arm”.

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A strategy confirmed by Hugues Aumaître. It clarifies the head of the department of infectious and tropical diseases at the hospital in Perpignan “seniors over 65 and immunocompromised people” are the first affected. “If we had a few cases of influenza this summer, the epidemic is currently calm in the department. Therefore, we must anticipate the first cold weather and indoor regroupings”.

Bivalent covid vaccines target the original strain and the Omicron variant

For its part, the 8th wave of Covid seems to mark time in the Pyrénées-Orientales. “We record an incidence rate of 375 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the second lowest rate in Occitan after Hérault, which is at 326, while Haute-Garronne is at 473 and Aveyron at 600. But above all, the progression curve is dampened. . It has been + 22% and + 25% in recent weeks, it is only 1% this week”. Real hill or simple break? The first cold weather and the development or not of new varieties will tell.

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“You still need to be vaccinated. At the same time as the flu, it is perfect. Especially since the anti-Covid vaccines are now bivalent. They work against the starter strain and against the Omicron variant. It is therefore time to get vaccinated or do your booster dose”. This is clarified by the Danish Health Authority “the administration of a new dose of vaccine must respect the minimum recommended time between two vaccinations, namely: 3 months for persons aged 80 and over, for residents of nursing homes or for immunocompromised persons. 6 months for others. In case of recent infection , a delay of 3 months must be expected between the infection and the injection of the vaccine”.

17 covid patients are hospitalized in Perpignan on 18 October, including one in Réa.

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