Quetigny. Malicious acts, accidents or simple chance? Several disappearances of cats that worry

“A lot of cats seem to be disappearing in Quetigny”, alarmed a surfer in early July on a Facebook group dedicated to Quetigny people.

“It repeats itself, it’s weird,” worries another. In the Fontaine-aux-Fleurs district, Delphine Boucherot, a 42-year-old childcare nurse and Mélodie Garnier, a 34-year-old hairdresser, are looking for their cats who disappeared almost three months ago, on the same day, and a few hours apart.

“Sky disappeared on May 30. He is an 11-month-old tattooed male, black in color with white hair between his legs and in his ears,” says the nurse.

Unsuccessful searches

And to specify: “At 8 am I see him and at 7 pm, the time of the mash, my cat was no longer there”.

For her part, Mélodie Garnier, living two houses away, lost Shelby the same…

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