Race against time to save an exemplary dog

After saving about twenty dogs from euthanasia and rehabilitating a hundred others, a Quebec shelter must resolve to ask for help to save the emblematic animal of its organization.

“For two years, our only pay was seeing the smile on people’s faces when we saved their animals. But here, it’s our turn to need help, ”sighs Marc-André Delehedde, president of the non-profit organization (NPO) Education Tony & Co.

Mr. Delehedde gave up everything in January 2020 to launch his canine shelter and education project in the Quebec region to help animals with behavioral problems.

According to him, it is in particular thanks to Tony, his faithful mastiff of Bordeaux, that he was able to save about twenty dogs destined to be euthanized because of their behavior.

“It’s kind of my insurance policy,” laughs the canine trainer. He can be yelped at and charged, but he knows how to react and avoid conflict. »

A cornerstone

Recently, the duo managed to rehabilitate an animal that had developed aggression problems and was urinating everywhere, for lack of stimulation. In a few weeks, the animal became an assistance dog for a person with reduced mobility.

But then Tony, just four years old, was diagnosed with lymph node cancer a few weeks ago. Inoperable, he is given only two months to live, unless he undergoes costly chemotherapy treatment.

“Tony is the cornerstone of this project. If I hadn’t met him, I would never have been so involved in the canine community,” explained emotionally Mr. Delehedde, who dropped his studies in social work to focus on his shelter.

hope for a miracle

As Tony & Co is a small NPO, the funds raised through the courses given by the organization are barely enough to finance the shelter. Marc-André Delehedde therefore launched a vibrant cry from the heart on social networks so that we can help his companion.

Several people answered the call via a GoFundMe campaign, which made it possible to initiate chemotherapy treatments. But there is still a long way to go.

“If all goes well, we could get two more years of life. But it is sure that we hope for a small miracle, with a complete remission, ”underlines his master.

In the meantime, the animal takes advantage of the time it has left by continuing to “work” with its fellow animals to enable them to have a better life.

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