Racist insults towards Youcef Belaïli during Reims-Brest?


A controversy erupted during the Reims-Brest match (1-1) after the publication of a tweet by Ilyes Ramdani, journalist for Mediapart, evoking racist insults against Youcef Belaïli, attacking midfielder of the Breton club. “Between whistles, middle fingers and insults, songs that smell of racism: ”We are in France”, ”One two three, go back to your country…” »is it thus mentioned in the message.

After the meeting, our colleague gave us more details. “I was at the corner post, close to the Reims Kophe explains. At the start of the match, it was fairly calm, then it suddenly got agitated around the quarter-hour mark. ”One, two, three, go back to your country”, ”Here it’s Reims”, etc… were launched from the kop and massively picked up. There are two or three others that I haven’t heard clearly enough to mention. The boos every time Belaïli touched the ball also came from the kop. Independently of that, there was a slew of more individual acts, in any case not directly attributable to the kop: insults, fingers and arms of honor… Which were aimed a lot at supporters identified as pro-Belaïli, too. »

Arrived in France on the last day of the winter transfer window, the 29-year-old international is very popular in the country and several Algerian flags were also present at the Stade Auguste-Delaune this Sunday. The insults evoked were in any case not audible in the press gallery or from the bench because, Michel Der Zakarian, questioned on this subject at a press conference, was surprised. ” Is that so ? No, he didn’t tell me indicated the Brest coach. They didn’t tell me about that. » Asked, the Finistère club reacted by the voice of Grégory Lorenzi, its sports director. ” We heard about these possible racial slurssaid the leader. We will not react immediately and we will carry out the investigation in collaboration with the Reims club to establish the possible actions to be taken. »

“At present, there is no evidence”

A member of Stade de Reims

Around 7 p.m., Stade de Reims had not yet been contacted by Stade Brestois. But the Champagne club and its security manager, alerted by this tweet, were collecting information to do identification work. “At present, there is no proof, whether by testimonies or at the material level, with videos or photoswe were told. At the moment T, there is nothing identifiable and characterizable. »


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